Miss International 2017 Final Sash Picks!

The Sash Factor Squad believes that Venezuela is back with a vengeance as she leads this year’s pick for the Miss International crown. But just like any other pageants, there is bound to be a crown spoiler and that would be no other than the girl from the pageant powerhouse Philippines. She may carry the very dreadful ‘Mikimoto Curse’ but only come finals day that we will be able to witness the manifestation of the winner-clapper affliction that has struck the pageant for the last five years. Will the Philippines be able to break the curse? We can only hope.

The beauty pageant may opt again for a more diverse and more inclusive Top 5, which means that it will probably  choose girls from the different continents. With this consideration in mind, the SF Squad followed that direction and picked the heavy doll-faced favorites  South Africa, Lithuania, Indonesia and Colombia to be in the Top 5. With the exception of Colombia and Indonesia,  the other girls still have very weak sash factors but that didn’t stop the SF Squad to include them anyway.

Another substantial consideration for this final Sash Picks is the  inclusion of sundry ethnicities with doll faces led by Curacao, Vietnam and Canada. Watch out for the Taylor Swift doppelganger from Canada! She might pull a surprise win for her country for the first time ever despite her weak sash. The odds may go against Curacao – the only woman of color in this list  but our hopes are still high that she will make the cut. The pageant still receives strong criticisms for rarely selecting full-blooded women of color to be crowned.

In perspective, this year’s batch is one of the most difficult to pick a runaway winner with if we will just based on facial or physical beauty alone. The ethereal beauty of Mexico, Brazil, Russia and Ukraine are just hard to ignore and may join to spoil the crown from Venezuela.

Miss International Beauty Pageant 2017 will be held on the 14th of November at 3 PM in Tokyo, Japan. Best of luck girls!

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