Please Don’t Call Me A Millennial Beauty Queen!

Being tagged as a millennial nowadays has a negative effect on people, especially in the workforce. Who would want to deal and work with a lazy, under-qualified, entitled and whiny generation?

But in the world of beauty pageants, being a millennial is a paradox being between forgiving and brutal. Millennial beauty queens are more pressured to look good physically so that they will be stunning in bikinis. They must also work out harder in improving their physical constitution to withstand wearing stilettos during a Passarella. On top of that, they must have at least a Facebook and an Instagram account. Otherwise, they will be considered anti-social and their presence will be considered virtually nonexistent. And oh, the millennials have to ‘slay’ the competition too by being able to answer questions ranging from feminism to gender inequality in less than 30 seconds. In the previous generation, these things were unheard of.

In a study conducted by Mintel, a global research market company, about 46% of Millennial women say they feel confident when they spend time on their appearance, and about 20% of them felt pressured to always look good.

The same study also mentioned that “despite these pressures, 40% of Millennial women agree that it’s okay to not always look your best and over one third (36%) say that their appearance is a form of self-expression, especially among younger Millennials (40%)”.

So the next time you hear a millennial beauty queen utter the phrase ‘better version of myself “, that is actually a millennial mantra. So it is not actually quite surprising that millennials are more daring, experimental or adventurous with their looks or appearance because it is their way of expressing their individuality. No one can argue that if a woman looks good, it also follows that she feels good about herself. It just so happened that millennials are more tech-savvy compared to the previous generations that half of the earth’s population might have somewhat seen, liked or shared her selfie already.

IMHO, Millennial Beauty Queens should embrace this generation with open arms and with an open mind, although in reality, they don’t have a choice. Just remember that after 20 years, Millenials can blame the Generation Z for doing worse. In the meantime, just remember this Forbes Mag quote – your face is the moneymaker, but your hair is the crown. It’s up to you to relate this to your beauty queen goals.


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