The “Ani-lita” Effect: The Rise of Miss Universe Thailand

by Adam Genato

Thanks to the stellar performances of Aniporn Chalermburanawong and Chalita Suansuane in the recent Miss Universe editions, the pageant has enjoyed a renewed popularity in the Land of Smiles. The “Ani-lita” effect is really growing day by day.
Proof of this are the many stunning girls who showed up at the initial screening for this year’s Miss Universe Thailand. For two years in a row, the MUT organization has definitely attracted girls from different walks of life in a chance to be the next crowned darling of the country. In fact, this year’s screening eerily reminds me of Binibining Pilipinas 2011 screening where an explosion of beautiful stunning Filipinas trooped to Araneta Coliseum after Venus Raj broke our pageant dry spell 7 years ago.
In fact, just by looking at the recently concluded initial screening, several favorites have already emerged online. If pageant fans were to control this year’s outcome, it will be a three-way battle fight among top model fair skinned Hillary Parungao version Maria Ehren, Ann Colis dead ringer Praewnita Ruangthong and Kirby Ann Basken lookalike Paweensuda Drouin. But that’s getting ahead of the story, the official list of candidates has not been drawn up yet.
But what I am more concerned is how long this “Ani-lita” effect will last. Will this effect be long lasting enough to produce successive placements (at least in Miss Universe) for this pageant fanatic country? It seems that the MUT organization has already found the winning formula in Miss Universe and it will be great if they will be able to maintain its CONSISTENCY years from now. From a very rigid and meticulous screening process that scrutinizes every girl’s behavior and personality, to the intense makeover and catwalk training sessions with their line up of impeccable fashion wardrobe at their disposal, the right ingredients in producing their 3rd Miss Universe is already set in place.
What the MUT organization needs now is its CONSISTENT implementation. Same goes to its other pageant organizations handling the other alpha female pageants. Continue attracting girls of high calibre. Train and mold them to be in fighting form. There is no more room for meekness and shyness at this day and age in pageantry. Every country is already stepping up their game. They don’t need to look far. Their neighbors like the Philippines and Indonesia are already killing it in the international pageantry lately. In their case, It is always a hit or miss. It wasn’t long before that this country almost won the Supranational title (2012) and produced a formidable delegate in Miss World 2014, only to be let down by their underwhelming successors. Same situation in their quest for Miss Universe, they produced a back to back placement in 2006 and 2007 but quickly went back to oblivion afterwards. A country with 2 Miss Universe wins needs to finally reclaim its lost glory.
So the time has come for this country to flex its muscle and might back to the pageant scene and deliver CONSISTENT results. If they can elect someone who has Aniporn’s charm, Porntip’s eloquence, Maya’s fighting spirit and Chalita’s fresh styling, then the country’s third Miss Universe crown won’t have to wait longer.

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