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Here are the current male pageant leaders

The Alpha 4 of Male Pageant

  • Mister World
  • Mister Universal Ambassador
  • Mister International
  • Mister Global  
  • Taking a cue from its female counterparts, male pageants have attracted a lot of business all over the world through the years. It is as if there is a sudden interest about men participating in these types of shows, which make you wonder if men nowadays aspire to be “Mister Country” while growing up. While modern global culture seem to still adjust at the influx of these as to how it treats men in general, these male pageants have sprouted like mushrooms from everywhere with different slogan and advocacies to justify their existence.
    So Sash Factor has to examine, fine tune and separate the male pageants that truly matter from the rest. So starting this year, we give you the Alpha four male pageants in the world that truly matter.
    In highest order, Sash Factor finally unveils the crème of the crop of world male beauty pageantry.MR WORLD




    On top of the pack and truly a league on its own,
    1. Mr. World (World’s Desirable) – The Oscars or Super Bowl of male pageantry. The winner travels with his female counterpart in supporting and raising money for charitable activities all over the world. When a delegate competes for Mister World, you compete for a whole wide range of activities, which a lot of its poor pageant cousins have imitated. The judging system is very comprehensive encompassing all aspects of the competition, from the physical to the mental. That is why it has attracted the most competitive delegates from countries year in and out. The number one selling point of this competition is its preliminary activities like extreme sports challenges which certainly appeal to every alpha male. More than being judged for their looks and physique, it is how well they perform under pressure in these challenges that separate the winners from the losers. Apart from this, there is a variety of contests or fast-track events (as they call it here) like closed door interviews, talent, top fashion model, social media which allow one to gain substantial points too. It’s very much like its female counterpart in Miss World except that the results are transparent and deserving.
    The only lingering problem this pageant has is its bi-annual staging of its event. Julia Morley’s pageant only happens every two years. The widest gap has been four years which happened between 2003 and 2007. If other male pageants could stage a show year in and out, the blog feels why Mister World Organization can’t do the same. Is it funding or difficulty in finding a host country? But then how come it is so easy for them to find a host country in advance for Miss World? I hope they may realize this sooner or later lest they may slowly get lost in pageant fans’ collective memory with the recent influx of male pageants nowadays.

    In second place, and NOW runner up to Mr. World is….
    2. Mister Universal Ambassador (Captivating Role Models) –Yes, you read it right. This relatively new Jakarta-based pageant has grown leaps and bounds in terms of size and following among pageant aficionados in just three years of existence. Onto its third edition this year, this pageant has already attracted a large sum of competitive aspirants (almost 50 last year, the largest so far in a male pageant ever). since its inception two years ago, thanks to its inaugural winner, Christian Ortiz (from Puerto Rico) and its hardworking organizers, Edin Muhammad and IMP, for introducing its advocacy of finding a captivating role model with a heart. What also makes this pageant tick is its winner’s visibility during his reign. The organizers are making sure that the winner will be busy and visible with foreign travels, fashion pictorials, non-stop appearances in glam, forum and charity events which are all documented in their site.
    So why have they suddenly zoomed up in our list? Apart from their transparent judging system, it is their emphasis in looking for attractive winners who could really talk the walk. Speech advocacy event is a very crucial aspect of this competition because the winner will be subjected to a lot of speaking engagements during his reign. Being able to convey ones thoughts cohesively is a major factor to win the crown. I also love the fact how this organization disciplines its erring delegates during the competition, strongly reminding these delegates that it is a competition they go for, and not for some R&R or pleasure.
    On the flip side, Sash Factor feels it has a lot of improve on in terms of its overall show content by hiring an official interpreter during the finals, making the videos interviews of each delegate in their website available for more fan accessibility and ironing the confusion of the special titles they gave during the announcement of winners in the show last year.

    Step up to the plate….
    3. Mister International (Distinctively Handsome)– I feel this Singapore-based pageant started with a big bang ten years ago, only for it not to live up to its potential as the years go by. Although they have certainly created an opportunity from the vacuum Mister World has created, its overstaying power has slowly diminished over the years.
    Don’t get us wrong. This pageant is still a force to reckon with. I love the fact the organization promotes healthy lifestyle for its advocacy, assembles of a very competitive batch year in and out and embraces the Miss Universe type of competition (from fashion pictorials to competition format during the finals). But what happens after the lavish show they stage year in and out remains to be desired. For one, their winners over the years have not been visible in promoting health awareness program just how it is advertised. Their winners may occasionally travel to different countries but only for crowning duties. It also does not help that venue postponement, financial issues, blatant contestant lobbying and controversies over contestants withdrawals have cropped up in their eleven years of existence. Sometimes, a pageant aficionado wonders if it is just content on crowning a disctinctively handsome winner (as per their slogan) and just refuse to grow. It is with this reason that the organization needs to step up to the plate for its longevity and relevance in the world of male pageantry.

    Still in the game is….
    4. Mister Global – This Thai-based pageant may just be four years old but it is slowly but surely carving a niche in male pageantry. They crown very deserving winners all the time, as evidenced by its preliminary activities, which are always well thought out and executed. Whether it may be sightseeing tours showcasing Thai’s exquisite culture, photo shoots or promotional activities, the contestants form a close bonded relationship with another during the competition.
    This pageant is doing everything alright but I just cannot pinpoint what it lacks for it zoom the pack. Probably a catchy slogan that will summarize what they are looking for a new winner? We do get, however, what they have been looking for throughout these years: Handsome, smart hunk with the right attitude and personality.
    If there is one criticism that needs to be said about this pageant, it is that they also don’t make their winner very visible during his reign apart from unsuccessfully fending off unprofessionalism allegations protecting the integrity of their delegates online during their inaugural edition.

    Overall, these top 4 male pageants have a long way to go in elevating the status of male pageantry in the world. It all boils down to its implementation. There is always this preconceived notion that these men and beauty contests do not go hand in hand together. Men go after for what’s real out there in the world, toil the ground to be a productive member of the society. There is no room for superficiality like beauty contests in the real world because it creates a different stereotype.
    So this is a challenge to all four pageants to present their beauty contests as relevant as it could be. Engage the winners to a lot of activities which will showcase their talent and confidence while being in touch with the world’s reality. We do not mean they have to come up with a groundbreaking solutions in issues that our world is being plagued. But a touch of making a little difference in someone’s life, be it a charitable institution or advocacy he is very passionate about , just be active. These pageants have to constantly prove themselves that they don’t just exist to sell men in bikinis. These pageants need to learn that men’s appearance is not a summary or representation of who they are but what they can they offer more to society. If only these four pageants will realize this, only will the whole world will finally take them seriously—and not just relegated to a caricature of a pop culture “sporting event.”

By Sash Factor Adam Genato

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