Sash Factor Post Pageant Review : Mister and Miss Hannah’s EcoTourism Philippines 2017

RL De Leon Lacanienta and photos by Andy Cayna.

The Crown Jewel of the North, Hannah’s Mister and Miss Ecotourism Philippines 2017

It was a night of beauty, glamour, and cultural pride when Mr. And Miss Hannah’s Ecotourism Philippines 2017 was concluded last May 13, 2017 at the Crown Jewel of the North- Hannah’s Beach Resort and Convention Center, located in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. The show was hosted by Miss Universe 2011 3rd runner Shamcey Supsup and Abs Cbn talent Mr. Alex Diaz. 12 lovely and gorgeous ladies and 12 dashing gentlemen who came from different cities and provinces all over the country battled it out for the coveted title of Mr. and Miss Hannah’s Ecoturism Philippines 2017. The Hannah’s premium suites pool side area was the perfect venue for such a prestigious event. Jam-packed with supporters, who came together to cheer their candidates on from different cities and provinces all over the Philippines, and the warm welcome of the locals from the beautiful and breathtaking Pagudpud made the show even more exciting. The show was opened by a beautiful doxology laced by the soulful voice of the talented Mr. Miguel Aguila; followed by a very unique and powerful take on the National Anthem. The idea of including all the candidates in the video and how they showcased North meets South, the beauty and wonders of The Philippine ecotourism and how they displayed the very picturesque sceneries of Hannah’s Beach Resort and Convention Center was simply refreshing and cutting edge. The overall concept is well thought out and simply breathtaking, that it can be used for opening remarks to different national events or programs. Kudos to Ms Ezra and her production team for producing such a spectacular video presentation. The First part of the show was led by Hon. Mayor Ferdinand Sales, the Mayor of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. Warm welcomes and cheers from the father of the city himself. The event was graced by presence of different dignitaries from the tourism industry along with different beauty queens and esteemed pageant experts in the country.
The founder of Mr. and Miss Hannah’s Ecotourism Philippines and proprietor of Hannah’s Beach Resort and Convention Center, Col. Ricardo L. Nolasco Jr. PAF (RET) did the honor of introducing the candidates. Inspirational words for the candidates and appreciation to all the people who made the pageant a success from an esteemed member of the society was the perfect opening.

The show wouldn’t be complete without the presence of The Department of Tourism Undersecretary Hon. Silvino Q. Tejada who also gave a short speech and received a plaque from Col. Ricardo L. Nolasco Jr.

The most awaited part of the show was the opening number of the candidates. The production number opened with a bang with the candidates wearing the modern ethnic style outfits made by the world-renowned fashion icon Renee Salud. The 24 lovely and handsome candidates danced gracefully and gave the judges that strong lasting impression. The choreography was simple yet very nice to look at. Thanks to their choreographer Francis “Cheska” Guiling for doing such a wonderful job.

As the candidates prepare for the next segment which is the swimsuit round, the panel of judges were introduced. Department of Tourism undersecretary Silvino Tejada, Miss World Philippines 2016 Catriona Gray, Miss InterContinental 2016 top 15 Jennifer Hammond, Miss Tourism Metropolitan International 2014 Glennifer Perido, Miss Naidas Face of Tourism 2017 Sarah Joson, Norman Tinio of, our very own Brix Vera of Sash Factor and of course the founder of Mr. and Miss Hannah’s Ecotourism himself Col. Ricardo Nolasco Jr. to mention a few. After the judges were formally introduced, the gorgeous and dashing candidates started to parade in their swimwear.

It is very noticeable that most of the candidates already know how to strut it like a pro. Notable candidates for this round are candidate numbers 3, 10, and 11 for male who exude great body physique. While candidate numbers 10 and 11 for female made a great presentation with their sexiness. Eventually candidate number 11 Richard Adarlo of Batangas and candidate number 10 Charmaine Aller of Quezon City clinched the best in swimwear title. A much deserved win for both. The candidates were serenaded by the talented Miguel Aguilar during the swimwear round to add flavor to the segment. While the candidates prepare for their formal wear, Davey Langit kept the crowd entertained with a song medley, a very interactive rendition as the crowd sung along with him. The crowd went wilder as the up and coming matinee idol Inigo Pascual appears on stage. What makes it more special is when she was joined by Hannah Nolasco (where Hannah’s Beach Resort is named after). She is a singer and composer and the pmpc best new female of 2015. She is the daughter of Col. Ricardo L. Nolasco Jr. The chemistry of these two young artists are perfect that they could pass as a new love team in my opinion.

Then came the most elegant part of the show, the formal wear. The candidates showcased their elegance and regal bearing wearing the “inaul” Mindanao tapestry collections by the fashion icon Renee salud. The ladies all looked like a queen and were able to give justice to the gown provided to them. The ones whom we thought stood out were candidate number 5 Mikaela Mendez from Tanza Cavite. And candidate number 8 April Alegre of Davao. On the other hand, the Men looked like dashing gentleman in their barong. Candidate number 10 Leo Lofranco looked best in this segment that is why he won best in formal wear. While candidate number 5 Mikaela Mendez won for the female category. Other special awards also won by the following: Mr. Congeniality- #12 Peter Seda Miss Congeniality- #12 Airish Yamamoto Mr. Photogenic- #3 Jaymark Muit Miss Photogenic- #4 Donna Balaoro  

The most nerve-wracking part of the show comes next were the top 6 finalists (male and female) were announced. The average scores were based from their performances in both swimwear and formal wear together with their closed-door interview and also their behavior that was scored by the organizers. Fair enough! And the six male and female candidates were announced who advanced to the final question round. They are the following: Male #10 Leo Lofranco #11 Richard Adarlo #12 Peter Seda #9 John Pangilinan #3 Jaymark Muit #7 Jhonroy Dela Paz Female #10 Charmaine Aller #5 Mikaela Mendez #11 Eloisa Jauod #8 April Alegre #2 Divina Sembrano #9 Heidi Santos.

The question-and-answer round proved that the candidates do not only have the beauty, but they also have the brains. They were able to handle the question with grace under pressure and they have also shown awareness about eco-tourism. On this round, male candidates number 11 Richard Adarlo gave a solid answer combined with a smooth confident delivery. While candidate number 10 Leo Lofranco, despite getting a tricky question, he was able to remain composed and gave a substantial answer and never fails to lose his charismatic smile. For the female category, candidate number 5 Mikaela Mendez gave an impressive response with much articulation. While candidate number 8 April Alegre opted to have a different approach by ending her answer through giving a positive message.

To be perfectly honest, all the 12 finalists did well and gave a decent answer in the final question round. But of course there could only be one ultimate winner and two runners-up. Based from their overall performance during that night together with their answers from the final question, male candidate number 11 Richard Adarlo emerged as the Mr. Hannah’s Ecotourism Philippines 2017 followed by candidate number 10 Leo Lofranco as first runner-up and candidate number 12 Peter Seda as second runner-up. While candidate number 5 Mikaela Mendez was proclaimed as Miss Hannah’s Ecotourism Philippines 2017. Followed by candidate number 10 Charmaine Aller as first runner-up and candidate number 9 April Alegre as second runner-up.

We don’t have any problems with the proclaimed winners as we almost got a perfect score from our final prediction. 3 out 3 for male with perfect placements and 2 out of 3 for female.

The new set of winners will be receiving fabulous prices but the most important of all they will be carrying the responsibility of being official spokespersons of the resort in its promotional campaigns as the premier tourist destination in the Philippines as well as of its advocacies of rendering corporate social responsibility projects to the communities and fostering eco-tourism that encompasses racing awareness, growing active involvement and positive actions geared towards the preservation and protection of the environment. 

All in all, it was a fantastic show from start to finish. Hannah’s Beach Resort and Convention Center once again proved that they are not only doing well in the tourism industry but also making waves in the world of pageantry. So are we expecting for this pageant to go International in the near future? Hmmm our crystal ball says it’s most likely to happen. So let’s wait and continue to support this pageant with a cause as we see that this pageant is going to be bigger and will be a league of its own in the coming years.

Once again thank you and congratulations to Col. Ricardo Nolasco, and to the Nolasco family, Ronald Dominguez, Randy Nolasco, Liza Carangan, Rowell Lumague and to the production team headed by Miss Ezra Ballesteros, Butch Ballesteros, Cata Figueroa, Francis Guiling, Marcel Isip, Joanna Marie De Jesus Loyola and Keann Feraer.

Highlights of the search for Mister and Miss Hannah’s Ecotourism Philippines 2017 / EZ Production and Events.


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