Sash Factor Review: Mister Philippines 2017 FINALS

Sash Factor would like to congratulate the people behind the Organization headed by Josefino Dela Cruz MD., Ianne Curioso, Larry Garcia of Systems Plus College Foundation, Onecho Gabinete and to all the candidates of Mister Philippines 2017.

The winners of Mister Philippines 2017 are all deserving of their titles. Mister Bulacan, James Alfred Ventura was in his element that night charming all the judges including fashion and pageant icon Albert Andrada, top-notch pageant and events blogger Norman Tinio, fashion and creative make up guru and consultant Mehdi Moussaui, socialite and philanthropist Rhodora Morales, Montage Skin Science and Aesthetic owner Andy Diokno Marantal and other respected judges to be Mister Philippines Globe 2017. James will compete in Changmai Thailand this May and by the looks of it, he is ready. Just an insight, he was the most prepared, pageant ready candidate of this year’s Mister Philippines, though the amount of time looks short he will be ready as the competition comes. Mister Philippine Tourism 2017 Woody Andres Jr. caught me by surprise, he was silent all throughout the competition but as we know, silent waters runs deep and as I was listening to him during the question and answer portion, he was just like talking to a friend and that is a quality of a tourism advocate. Mister Philippines Universe 2017 Denver Hernandez, has the sex appeal of an Italian stallion and Pinoy romantico fit to compete in Mister Universe in Dominican Republic this June. Mister Philippines Grand International Joshua Banatin will compete in our own turf this October but I’m confident that he will make it to the end. The Sun and the Stars of Mr. Philippines, Mark Anthony Beltran and Prince of Manobo tribe Aljun Cayawan are both charming and witty, they will be both major contenders in near future. And to Arjoy Elbanbuena Mister Teen Global and Face of Montage and Face of Toledo Ibahn Darylle Francisco, congratulations!

From the production to stage and set design, I will give my two thumbs up to Mr. Larry Garcia and his dedicated and professional team. They let all the candidates shine on the stage, it let you focus with the candidates walking instead of nuisance set designs you always see in other pageants and just like in the preliminary round competition set design, the James Bond effect during the formal wear competition was just plain genius. Mister Philippines 2017 hosts Andrew Wolf and Miss Gaby gave dynamic chemistry on stage.

But for me, the biggest support system of Mister Philippines 2017? The Systems Plus College Foundation (SPCF), from transportation, housing of the candidates courtesy of Don Bonifacio, and other pertinent venues, SPCF lent it support from start to finish. To SPCF President Lourdes R. Bustamante, and Executive Vice President Lean Happie LLido Bustamante, the MIS Department for the tabulation, Physical Plant and Facilities, the Security Department and the whole studentry of SPCF, Mister Philippines 2017 would not be possible without your support and of course the generous sponsors.


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