RP’s Ten Heavenly Beauties


In the 29th of November 2014, a new beauty was raised among the heavens. An Earth Warrior ascended to be one with the beautiful, outstanding and significant women in Philippine pageantry.

Jamie Herrell, a 19 year old Cebuana Beauty, represented the islands of the Philippines and ultimately won the Top plum in the most relevant pageant on the face of the planet, Miss Earth 2014.

She is the second Filipina to be crowned in the 14 year history of Miss Earth.She became the 10th titleholder included in the ranks of the Filipino women in the Alpha pageants.

To refresh the minds of the ever growing population of pageant fans, here are RP’s Ten Heavenly Beauties:


Gemma Cruz, Miss International 1964 – First Filipina to win an Alpha Pageant crown


Gloria Diaz, Miss Universe 1969 – First Filipina to win Miss Universe


Aurora Pijuan, Miss International 1970 – First Filipina to win Miss International in Japan


Margarita Moran, Miss Universe 1973 – First Miss Universe winner outside US territory


Melanie Marquez, Miss International 1979 – Youngest winner in Miss International history


Lara Quigaman, Miss International 2005 – First Philippine Alpha pageant winner in the 20th century


Karla Henry, Miss Earth 2008 – First Filipina and Asian to win Miss Earth


Megan Young, Miss World 2013 – First Filipina to win Miss World


Bea Santiago, Miss International 2013 – Making the Philippines the most successful Asian country in Miss International


Jamie Herrell, Miss Earth 2014 – Making the Philippines the first Asian country to earn 10 crowns in all Alpha pageants combined

I will eagerly await the fates of our other representatives, namely Valerie Weigmann and Mary Jean Lastimosa, in Miss World and Miss Universe respectively.

Will the ten heavenly beauties yield another member or two this year?

Let us find out in the coming months.

Thank you.

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